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Crep Protect Pill Shoe Freshener - one box contains 2 pills (one for each shoe)

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Brand: Crep Protect
UPC: 642968099841


Light Fragrance
Zeolit Absorbant
Nshield Antimicrobial
Two In Each Box
Product Description
Crep Protect Pill "The Ultimate Shoe Freshener"  Inside this wonderful box is a fantastic shoe freshener from Crep.  
The box contains  2 pills (one for each shoe).  
When your favorite shoes are sweaty and stinky you just twist open the pills and throw them in.  Leave them in as long as necessary and then remove them and twist closed for future use.  
They have a light fragrance to make your shoes happy.  
The pill contains zeolite which absorbs moisture.  It also contains Nshield (an antimicrobial) which destroys odor by attacking bacteria.

Product Dimensions:  3.1 x 3.1 x 2 inches